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Covid Relief/Niêm Tòng/Mèo Vạc/Hà Giang January 10th, 2022

Remember our post about helping 235 families with emergency food supplies around the end of last year? 

We've just received the pictures from the last commune, Niêm Tòng.

There are some anecdotal but emotional details about the recipients. We've just learned that these people walked 14 km (9 miles) from their hamlets to the distribution site at the center of the commune. Curious, we asked and were told the people in Khâu Vai yesterday walked 5.6 km (3.5 miles). Hope that there are some shortcuts through the mountain? Look at the way the women tied the 30 lbs Rice sacks on their back. It's hard to hold back emotions if you think about the miles!

And last but not least, even if they supplement the rice with roots as our local volunteer has advised us, they will run out of foods again before Tết, not quite a month away.

Covid Relief/Niêm Tòng/Mèo Vạc/Hà Giang January 10th, 2022: Portfolio
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