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To Light Up The Dark Nights of 141 Homes in Na Pù/Mèo Vạc/Hà Giang - April 22, 2022

Update on our project to light up the dark nights of 141 homes in the remote mountains of Mèo Vạc, Hà Giang:

It has been quite a while since we first reported on this project. At that time we weren't sure whether to buy them lamps with rechargeable batteries and solar cells or run electrical lines to the hamlets. After a lot of thorough investigation and studies of similar installations, and with donated (used) electrical wires from the local utility, we are very happy to report that our project to light up the nights of the 141 houses in Thôn Nà Pù is on the way to completion. Hundreds of utility poles have been constructed, ready to be installed by the energetic villagers. Soon, the 4 separated segments will bring electricity to different areas of Nà Pù and the nights will no longer be pitched black night after night ever again.

Of course, we owe plenty to all the volunteers and especially the large donations from Drs Tien Phạm and Hien Pham to make this possible.

As always, we volunteers all strive to make the most of any donations: Not counting the donated free materials and certainly the labor of many volunteers and villagers, our total cost thus far is less than 3 thousand dollars, an unbelievable price to bring modern convenience to a remote and isolated area deep in the mountains that even we almost couldn't believe it ourselves!

As documented in our messages, we realized that the project has many shortcomings and limitations but is certainly by far the best approach given the modest usage that is typical by the dirt-poor families in these mountains.

Thank you

Nam & Dzung Doan

To Light Up The Dark Nights of 141 Homes in Na Pù/Mèo Vạc/Hà Giang - April 22, 2022: Portfolio
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