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Jackets for the Students in Mường Chà/Điện Biên January 24th, 2022

The dash to end of the year of the Bull (and welcoming the Tiger)!
First of all, over a thousand children in Điện Biên are wearing the winter jackets you bought to fend off the cold weather. There's no internet in the remote places where they live so we won't have more pictures until their teachers go to town this weekend. But we do have 2 images. Aren't they warm enough now, despite the bigger size jackets for their smaller bodies? But look at their shoes too. Most are too big for them also. But having shoes to wear is a privilege in where they live. We've seen worse through the years. One time seeing a boy with only one slipper. He and his brother pushed a chainless bicycle 10 kilometers with bananas hanging on the frame to town to exchange for rice. You make do with whatever you have to survive.
Secondly, we have finalized the plan to bring emergency foods supplies to yet another 300 families in two more communes of Mèo Vạc, Hà Giang. As it often happens, the volunteers all want to pitch in, adding more value to the gifts before they get to the recipients' hands.
Last but not least, 75 food packages are coming to Láo Lý, Lào Cai so all the families in this remote hamlet won't have to worry about running out of foods during Tết.
We will update you when more pictures arrive in the next few days.
Thank you for your support. None of this would happen without you.

Jackets for the Students in Mường Chà/Điện Biên January 24th, 2022 copy: Portfolio
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