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Food and Jacket Deliver/Mèo Vạc/Hà Giang January 22nd, 2022

Earlier today, we showed you the clip in which the truck carrying rice sacks and bales of winter jackets got stuck on a steep switchback unable to backup. The problem was later solved by uploading most of the haul and human power.  Each time the truck driver made an attempt to backup, everyone around the truck pushed and pulled. After several trials, the truck finally was able to negotiate the tight curve and got free. By then, the villagers and children had walked up the steep hill so distribution was done on the spot before the team got on their way again to other locations where recipients were waiting.
Altogether on this day, 90 packages of rice and food supplies (15 kg of rice, 1 kg of salt, 1/2kg of dried fish, and a bottle of fish sauce) were handed out; 40 at Cán Chu Phìn and 50 at Lũng Pù communes. Of the 245 jackets handed out, 106 children in Mèo Qua, 28 kindergarteners in Ha Ía, 51 kindergarteners in Há Dấu Cò, and 60 children in Lũng Lừ A got the warmth that you sent. They also got biscuits and candies treats, some of which were bought by the local volunteers.
Seeing how poor they were in the pictures, hearing how they were often be without adequate foods throughout the year in the video clips, we wished we could do a lot more for them. But it was particularly emotional watching them strapping the 30 lbs sack of rice sacks and other items to their back to prepare for the long hike home while knowing how steep the road was for  even the truck to negotiate earlier. We would say we are so lucky compared with many other human on this earth. Don't you think so?
We are thankful that we have warm clothes when it's cold and plenty of food when we are hungry. Particularly though, we are thankful for the generous donations we have received, not only now but also throughout the last dozen years so we have foods and warm clothes, and many other things to bring to these isolated places.
One last thought: Look at the stare of the younger children in the pictures. A majority of the adults in these places haven't been out of their district let alone the province. And the children, they seldom or ever see so many strangers speaking a language they are slowly absorbing in school. But they will do better than their parents. As you can see that the volunteers talked to them through interpreters. By the way, we've learned that you could get any older kids to translate for you. By the time they are in fourth or fifth grades, they can speak both Vietnamese and their mother tongue quite fluently as long as you keep the subjects simple.

Food and Jacket Deliver/Mèo Vạc/Hà Giang January 22nd, 2022: Portfolio
Food and Jacket Deliver/Mèo Vạc/Hà Giang January 22nd, 2022: Portfolio
Food and Jacket Deliver/Mèo Vạc/Hà Giang January 22nd, 2022: Portfolio
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