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Covid Relief/Pac Kan/Khâu Vai/Hà Giang January 7, 2022

Remember our post about helping 235 families with emergency food supplies around the end of last year? 

We mentioned then that the recipients lived in three different communes and we were able to distribute to only one before the holiday. Well, we've completed all three now. Here are the pictures from the work in Khâu Vai commune yesterday. There were two separate distributions: One at the center of the commune to most recipients, those who were not in quarantine. The other one was at the quarantine station 7 km away where cars couldn't get to. But the hard work pay off and we have a chance to meet with some young children in skimpy clothes along the road. Wish we could get them the warm clothes they desperately need too. In our years of working in remote places in VN, there were many instances where we wished we could make some difference but simply couldn't. And it still hurt every time we think about it.

Covid Relief/Pac Kan/Khâu Vai/Hà Giang January 7, 2022: Portfolio
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