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Covid Relief in Hà Giang

HopeToday ND Mission distributed 235 food packages consisting of 15kg rice, 1/2 kg dried fish, 1kg salt, 1 bottle of fish sauce to the quarantined and poor families near the Chinese border in Hà Giang.

Thank you for supporting our effort to help families who are running out of food because of Covid quarantine.  With donations received in the past week (via Facebook and others), we have spent $57 million VND ($2500 US Dollars) to buy foods for 235 families in many small hamlets scattered over 3 communes on the Chinese border in Hà Giang province.  Thank you to Drs Tiến/Hiền and Ms. Lynn Nguyễn to support this project.

The distributions will some time because the locations are not close together. The work in one commune was completed yesterday.

It was emotional for us to hear the story of people having no food left. Hardest was watching others wearing skimpy clothes in temperature that was in the 40’s because we had turned down the requests for warm clothes due to our limited funds.  It's a matter of setting priorities but it still hurt!  We have some pledges after sharing this with friends. But this isn't the only place we've turned down pleas for winter jackets and blankets. We will never be able to help every case of difficulties coming to our attention, but every bit helps.

Thank you Khánh An Trần and his team for helping HopeToday to deliver the food packages.

If you want to help, the link to our fundraiser is below

Covid Relief in Hà Giang: Portfolio
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