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1000 Jackets for Children in Lào Cai January 21st, 2022

With the last 96 jackets passed out to children at the three kindergartens Sín Chải, Gia Khâu, and Làng Cảng in Si Ma Cai District of Lào Cai, the operation to distribute 1000 jackets to Lào Cai is complete.

Here are the pictures and thank you notes from Nguyễn Phương Thúy, the volunteer who traveled hundreds of kilometers over the last several weeks, rain or shine, to get it done. She definitely deserves to be recognized but, as volunteers and donors ourselves, we know that the biggest reward for everyone involved is seeing that the children now have the proper clothing to stay warm when the temperature dips.

As Ms. Thuý stated, this is the last operation for this (lunar) year. But when the Tết's festival is over, she will be ready for more so we hope that you continue to support HopeToday's mission and not let our reserve funds dry. You are the ones that bring warmth to the children, and food to the hungry. We, volunteers, are but your extended arms.

1000 Jackets for Children in Lào Cai January 21st, 2022: Portfolio
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