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Covid-19 Relief Mission: Rice/Noodle/Fish Servings to Isolated People

HopeToday ND Mission giúp 60 phần gạo/mỳ, cá khô cho các gia đình phải cách ly ở 3 làng Chư Ruồi Sul, kjai Tăng, Ser Dơ Mó, Xã Konhtoc/Gia Lai. 

HopeToday ND Mission helps 60 servings of rice/noodles and dried fish for families who have to be isolated in 3 villages of Chu Ruoi Sul, kjai Tang, Ser Do Mo, Konhtoc/Gia Lai commune.

Covid-19 Relief Mission: Rice/Noodle/fish Servings to Isolated People copy: Portfolio
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