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1,328 Jackets to the Children of Pả Lủng, Càn Chu Phì, Mèo Vạc, and Hà Giang

Last week while reporting on the 200 winter jackets distributed to the abandoned or orphaned children in Yên Bái we mentioned that there were another bigger ongoing operation to distribute 1,328 jackets to the children in Pả Lủng & Càn Chu Phì/Mèo Vạc/ Hà Giang, right on the Chinese border. We also said that we would forward the pictures as soon as we get them.
Here they are!
Thanks to our friends from the Crazy Car Club (CCC) in Hà Nội and other volunteers in Hà Giang, the tough job was successful despite many obstacles. We want to mention that the funds used in these operations were mostly provided by Doctors Tiến and Hiền Phạm. Without their generosity, the operations wouldn’t have been possible or scaled back substantially.
Most of the distributions were done at the local schools. But there are quite a few that had to be transported to remote locations also. Having done these types of work many times over the years, we missed not being able to be on the front lines. But seeing the pictures, and watching the livestreams were emotional and satisfying enough.
Hope that you will continue to support HopeToday so we can help more children, and other needy people too, in the upcoming days as Covid continues to ravage Việt Nam, hurting everyone especially the poor people in remote villages.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

1,328 Jackets to the Children of Pả Lủng, Càn Chu Phì, Mèo Vạc, and Hà Giang: Portfolio
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