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Winter Jackets for Children in North Vietnam 

Covid has made traveling to Việt Nam next to impossible, we still try to help help the needy there whenever opportunity arises, especially when it involves children. By the end of this week, over 1500 children will have the winter jackets they need to stay warm in temperatures as low as 40* F. These pictures are from the distribution of 200 jackets in 4 communes in Lục Yên/Yên Bái where the recipients are orphans or children abandoned by their parents and live with relatives.
We will update you with more pictures when we receive pictures from an ongoing operation in Meò Vạc/Hà Giang where 1300 children in 2 communes will get the warm clothes they desperately need.
From us Nam & Dzung, and on behalf of HopeToday Charity, we would like to thank all the local volunteers who have worked so hard to bring our gifts to the children in need.

Winter Jackets for Children in North Vietnam: Portfolio
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